Where can I find the biggest white sturgeon?

Where to Catch the Biggest White Sturgeon

The Fraser River is a well-known spot for catching White Sturgeon, with record-breaking sizes caught every year. With its deep waters and strong currents, the Fraser River is home to some of the biggest White Sturgeon in North America.

Techniques for Catching White Sturgeon

To catch White Sturgeon, bottom fishing is the most effective technique. Using a sliding sinker rig keeps your bait near the bottom and allows you to detect any bites. Alternatively, if the current is too strong, you can try drift fishing by using a three-way rig and letting your bait drift with the current.

Other Hotspots for Monster Sturgeons

The Fraser River is not the only place where monstrous sturgeons can be caught. The Snake River, particularly the C.J. Strike Reservoir, is another prolific location with notable white sturgeon catches. In August 2022, a 10-foot-four-inch monster sturgeon was landed by Greg Poulsen and his wife.

The Simplicity of Sturgeon Fishing

Sturgeon fishing is relatively simple. Drop live bait to the bottom and wait for a bite. A typical sturgeon fishing outfit consists of a stout muskellunge rod and a level-wind reel loaded with braided line in the 80- to 100-pound test range.

Enjoying the Delightful Flavor of Sturgeon

Sturgeon has a wonderful flavor and texture that needs little embellishment. Simple cooking methods such as pan frying, searing, baking, or grilling bring out the best in sturgeon. It also pairs well with any sauce or puree, providing a delightful culinary experience.

The Exquisite Rarity of White Albino Sturgeon Caviar

White Albino Sturgeon Caviar is one of the most expensive and rarest foods in the world. Kolikof Caviar is proud to be one of the few purveyors offering this exotic delicacy.

Conservation Efforts for Sturgeon Species

Most sturgeon species are on the endangered list, making it crucial to be aware of regulations when it comes to catching and eating sturgeon. While certain sturgeon of specific sizes can be caught and kept in certain locations, it is essential to always check local regulations to protect and preserve these magnificent creatures worldwide.