What is the 20 lb braid equivalent to mono?

As an example, most braids that are 30-pound test will have a diameter that equates to 8 pound mono, and 20 pound test braid will equate to 6 pound mono . The chart below shows this relationship. You may ask why would I put 20 pound braid on a reel designed to hold 6 pound mono?
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Understanding the strength and usage of different types of fishing lines can be the difference between a successful fishing trip and a busted line. Here we will answer some common questions about the differences and comparisons between braided fishing lines and their mono-filament counterparts.

Braided Line Equivalent to Mono-filament

Braided lines have revolutionised the fishing line industry due to their thinner diameter and higher tensile strength. A superb example is, a 20lb braided line which is equivalent to a 6lb mono-filament at the same diameter. On the other hand, a 15lb braided line is similar to a 10lb mono lead, which lends some stretch to the line to avoid ripping the hook out of the fish’s mouth.

Strength Comparison: Braided Line vs. Mono-filament

10lb braided line, even though it has the same tensile strength as a 10lb mono-filament line, is known for its superior strength and knot resilience. It is notable for its excellent abrasion resistance contributing to its ability to handle big fish.

In addition, lines like 30-pound braided line are highly recommended due to their strength and durability in reeling in tough catches. Despite its strong nature, its diameter remains less than 0.40mm, ensuring longer casts are achievable.

Applicability of Braided Line Strengths

Contrary to the assumption that high strength could be too much, 50-lb braided lines are ideal for heavy-duty fishing environments such as mangroves or docks for large snook or redfish, particularly when used on a 3500-size spinning reel.

While 20# braid, equivalent to 6# mono in casting ability/spool length, may seem excessive, in most applications, it proves beneficial with its prime feature of keeping most lures through weeds or substantial cover. The same setup of a 30 to 50-lb braided line on a 3500-size spinning reel is equally applicable, if not ideal, for fishing closer to heavy cover areas.


How big of a fish can you catch on 20 pound braided line?
Slightly larger crappie, bonefish, and flounder need around a 15-20 lb braid. The smaller species of snapper, like lane snapper or mangrove snapper, can be caught with a 20 lb test line.
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How strong is 20lb braid?
20lb. People get super hung up on going super heavy with their braid, but you just don't need it. I run 20 pound and have pulled bass through massive amounts of vegetation. 20lb braid's break strength is really like 40-50 pounds (depending on diameter), so you really don't need to go super heavy for bass.
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Is 30lb braid as strong as 30lb mono?
With braid, the diameter is more important than the breaking strength. 30lb powerpro breaks at well over 50lbs, and most braids (Daiwa being one exception) breaks far above the stated rating. I would tie whatever lb mono/floro leader as conditions dictate.
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Is 10lb braid the same as 10lb mono?
If you read the directions on a braid package it recommends that you to match monofilament to braid by diameter up until you get to 50# and then you match lbs for lbs. Using 10 lbs. braid would be the equivalent of using 2 lb monofilament.
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