How do you use a PVA fishing bag?


PVA fishing bags have become an essential tool for many anglers due to their convenience and effectiveness in bait delivery. Whether you’re an experienced angler or a beginner, understanding how to properly use PVA bags can greatly enhance your fishing experience. In this article, we will answer some common questions about PVA bags and provide valuable insights into their usage.

What are PVA Bags Made of?

PVA bags, also known as Polyvinyl alcohol bags, are made from a product originally designed for use in hospitals. The bags are composed of a chemical called Polyvinyl alcohol, with a chemical makeup of -CH2CHOH-. These bags were initially created as "soluble" laundry bags that dissolve in water.

What Bait to Put in PVA Bags?

Pellets are probably the most common and preferred filler for PVA bags. They work well for most fishing conditions, especially during the current season. An effective technique is to place a brightly colored pop-up boilie on top of a small pile of PVA-introduced pellets, increasing your chances of attracting carp.

How Do You Use a PVA Fishing Bag?

To effectively use a PVA fishing bag, start by placing the desired bait, such as pellets, inside the bag. Then, work the lead up through the bag, ensuring that your rig is concertinaed to prevent tangling. It is recommended to fill the bag until it is about three-quarters full.

How Long Should You Leave a PVA Bag?

The duration for leaving a PVA bag in the water depends on the fishing conditions. While it is important to regularly cast the bag during sessions with frequent bites, you wouldn’t want to leave it in the water for more than an hour and a half. Regular casting is especially critical if there are numerous roach present, as they tend to eat the pellets quickly.

Is PVA Toxic to Fish?

Safety and environmental considerations should always be a priority when using fishing gear. It is important to note that solutions containing more than 5% PVA can be toxic to fish. Therefore, it is crucial to use PVA bags responsibly and adhere to any local regulations regarding their usage.

When Not to Use PVA Bags?

While PVA bags are generally effective for carp fishing, it is not advisable to use them in heavy weed areas. Carp fishing with solid PVA bags or any type of carp method in heavy weed can lead to complications and difficulties that may outweigh the benefits. It is advisable to opt for alternative methods in such situations.


PVA fishing bags offer anglers a convenient and effective way to deliver bait to their desired fishing spot. Understanding their usage and considering the safety and environmental implications is crucial for successful fishing. By incorporating PVA bags into your fishing arsenal, you can increase your chances of reeling in that prized catch. Happy fishing!