Blue Drum Fish. A Fascinating Species with Culinary Delights

What is another name for drum fish? croaker The freshwater drum is also called Russell fish, shepherd's pie, gray bass, Gasper goo, Gaspergou, gou, grunt, grunter, grinder, gooble gobble, and croaker. It is commonly known as sheephead and sunfish in parts of Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Read more on The … Read more

Bellow Gills. An Evolutionary Marvel of Aquatic Life

Bright colors or svelte bodies skimming across the water come to mind when we think of aquatic animals. But there are some interesting modifications that are typically missed, like bellow gills. Some fish species have an unusual characteristic called bellow gills that helps them draw oxygen from the water and thrive in their underwater environments. … Read more

Soft Plastic Shad. A Versatile Bait for All Anglers

What color soft plastic is best for dirty water? Dark / Silhouette Colours – When the water is dirty or tannin stained and during low light periods it can be effective to utilise a darker, more solid colour, that creates a silhouette that is more easily located and tracked by the fish. Examples from the … Read more

Best Bait for Colorado River Fishing. Tips and Techniques

What fish are biting on the Colorado River? The area is known for its largemouth and smallmouth bass, striped bass, black crappie and walleye fishing. March to November is prime fishing season. Crappies swim into the shallows to spawn in the spring; fishing shoreline brush then is a good bet. Fish in deep waters during … Read more