Fishing Planet Bass Texas. Tips, Techniques, and Best Baits

Is bass fishing good in Texas? Texas is more well known for many things, and excellent Texas bass fisheries are one of them. They also have incredible southern hospitality, women that invented big hair, and perfect BBQ. Another three additional reasons to visit bass lakes in Texas and go bass fishing. Read more on … Read more

Red Breast Fishing. Tips, Facts, and More

Does red attract fish? That said, we've got the following suggestions for those of you who really want to attract the fishies: Red – If you're diving up to 6 metres, red will be visible to fish, but will quickly lose its vibrancy if you go any deeper. If you want to stay incognito, go … Read more

Channel Catfish Fishing. Tips, Tricks, and Answers to Common Questions

Are catfish hard to catch? Catfish are not hard fish to catch. The hardest part of catching catfish is often simply locating them. In lakes during the summer, this can be challenging since catfish will be evenly dispersed and spread through the water. Read more on Anglers of all ability levels enjoy the popular … Read more

Channel Catfish Fishing Tips. A Guide to Success

What do channel catfish like to eat the most? Common food items include aquatic plants and seeds, fish, mollusks, insects and their larvae, and crustaceans. Although channel catfish have poor eyesight, their barbels are well-equipped with taste buds which help them find food at night and in muddy waters. Read more on Anglers seeking … Read more

White Bass Fishing Tips

What Colours attract bass? A black and blue soft plastic is ideal; a white and chartreuse Glow Blade spinnerbait will also produce. For hard baits, bright chartreuse, green, or dark, solid-colored lures will perform well. Rule 3: Local baitfish and native forage patterns are go-to colors. Read more on Fishing for white bass is … Read more

Channel Catfishing Tips. Enhance Your Skills and Land More Fish

Do catfish like garlic? Yes. Catfish do like garlic scented baits. The strong scent from the garlic provides a flavor that catfish cannot resist. Read more on One of the most sought-after freshwater fish species is the channel catfish, which is renowned for its size, toughness, and mouthwatering flavor. Learning the skill of channel … Read more

Trout Fishing with Spoons. Tips and Techniques for Success

What color beads for trout? Try Fresh Dead colors if you are searching an area for trout or are covering a run where there are not many salmon spawning. Beads that best represent these eggs are Fluorescent Orange, Sun Orange, Caramel Roe and Glow Roe. Finally there are dead, washed eggs. Read more on … Read more

Bull Trout Fishing. Tips and Techniques for Anglers

What is the best color fly for trout? Use dark-colored patterns when fishing murky water and light-colored flies when there is good visibility on the surface. In clear water situations, use more contrasting colors on your fly fishing flies, such as white on black or vice versa, for deepwater applications where sight is not as … Read more

Fishing Yellow Perch. Tips, Techniques, and Best Bait Options

What time of day do perch bite best? Perch fishing is usually best in the early morning or evening hours during late spring and early summer and late afternoon or evening in late summer. In autumn, both morning and late afternoon-evening provide excellent fishing. Read more on Yellow perch, or Perca flavescens as it … Read more