Bluegill Rod Setup. A Guide to Tackle and Techniques

What color do bluegill like most? Bright colors can attract bluegill in low light conditions or murky water, with chartreuse, fluorescent green, and hot pink being popular choices. Natural colors such as brown, green, and blue are more effective in clear water and bright conditions. Read more on A well-liked activity for fishermen of … Read more

Bottom Fishing Setup. A Comprehensive Guide to Success

What are the disadvantages of bottom fishing? For this reason bottom trawling has a large bycatch impact, with many non target species being fished in the process. This has an impact on the biodiversity of the ocean, and also means many species are being fished to the brink simply as a consequence of commercial activities, … Read more

Fishing Organizer Box. Everything You Need to Know

Do I need a tackle box for fishing? Ensuring you know exactly where a particular hook or lure is on your boat will prevent you from wasting time and aimlessly searching for that specific item. In addition, having the proper tackle box setup will not only save you time but will keep you organized while … Read more

Shad Fishing Setup. Tips, Techniques, and Tasty Treats

Do shad darts work? They're highly effective for catching an amazingly wide range of species through just about every different season. Yellow and white perch, bass, crappie, pickerel, and other species will all snap 'em up with abandon. If, that is, you fish them properly. Read more on For anglers looking for a thrilling … Read more

Flathead Catfish Tackle. All You Need to Know

What is the basic rig for catfish? Use a three-way rig with a 20-pound-test main line and a 17-pound-test leader. Secure a 2- to 4-ounce bell sinker to one ring of a barrel swivel or the bottom ring of a three-way swivel with 6-pound-test line. Cast this rig into place, and the sinker hangs on … Read more

Rigging a Fishing Rod. A Comprehensive Guide

What is the best angle for a fishing rod holder? 22.5- to 45-degrees angle You'll want to aim for a 22.5- to 45-degrees angle to the gunwale. Another great option for your boat is to install clamp-on rod holders. The clamps on these rod holders are usually adjustable for a full 360 degree rotation and … Read more

Bream Fishing Rod Setup. A Comprehensive Guide

What is a 3000 size reel good for? Reel size 3000 is considered the ideal size for a trout spinning reel. Since it lies between the lighter 2500 and the heavier 4000, it provides the best of both worlds. Read more on Having the proper rod setup is essential to increasing your chances of … Read more