How Big Can a Flathead Catfish Get?

Do flatheads bite? Once you have hooked the Flathead ensure that you do not lift its head from the water otherwise it may shake its head violently and you have a greater chance of being bitten off. Read more on Massive and powerful, flathead catfish (Pylodictis olivaris) are well-known for their attributes. Because they … Read more

Brown Trout Average Size and Age. Everything You Need to Know

How heavy is a 14 inch trout? Typical Size: The golden trout is a slow grower with the average stream living golden getting to 10-14 inches in length and weighing about 1 pound. Read more on Brown trout (Salmo trutta) are prized game fish that are strong, beautiful, and incredibly tasty. Knowing the typical … Read more

Wiki Poisson. Understanding the Poisson Distribution

Should I use Poisson or binomial? The binomial distribution counts discrete occurrences among discrete trials. The poisson distribution counts discrete occurrences among a continuous domain. Ideally speaking, the poisson should only be used when success could occur at any point in a domain. Read more on The Poisson distribution is a probability distribution that … Read more