Night of Desirable Objects Fishing Lure. Unleashing the Secrets of Successful Night Fishing

Is blue light good for night fishing? Like green light, blue light can be extremely effective for night fishing. But surprisingly, it is more effective in saltwater and usually won't attract baitfish in freshwater. Read more on Anglers looking for a distinct and exciting experience have always been drawn to night fishing. A brand-new … Read more

Peacock Bass Lure. A Guide to Catching the Colorful Trophy Fish

What size rod for peacock bass? Reels don't need to hold a lot of backing because peacocks don't make long runs, but a smooth strong drag is still essential. It is recommended that you have a 'heavy' fly rod & reel combination: A stiff/fast-action, 9-foot, nine or ten-weight rod (Sage 990-3RPLX) + Scientific Anglers 'System … Read more

Bull Shads. The Ultimate Glide Bait for Anglers

Can humans eat shad? "Shad is a great fish to eat, it's very healthy for you, and you're supporting a local fishery that's sustainable." Read more on The glide bait known as Bull Shads has been quite popular among anglers in recent years. Bass, pike, and muskie find these lifelike lures enticing because they … Read more

Pike Lures. Unleashing the Secret to Catching These Elusive Predators

What color are pike most attracted to? Natural Colors for Pike For clear water and bright conditions, natural colors like silver, gold, and green can be effective, while darker natural colors like black and brown can work better in muddy or overcast water. Read more on Pike fishing is an exhilarating activity that puts … Read more

Fish Spoons. A Versatile Lure for Saltwater Fishing Enthusiasts

How do spoons attract fish? Using spoons is a classic method to lure fish, whether it be in deep or shallow waters. The concave piece of plastic, wood, or metal, works by reflecting the sunlight through the water, luring the fish in. Read more on Fish spoons, commonly referred to as spoon lures, are … Read more

Gar Fishing Lures. How to Attract, Bait, and Catch Garfish

Are lures good for saltwater fishing? SOFT PLASTIC LURES Another of the top saltwater lures on the market, soft plastic lures come in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes and can be used in many ways. Twister tails and shad bodies make good lure additions to jigs and bucktails. Read more on Gar … Read more

Spinner Fishing Lure. An Effective Tool for Anglers

What do spinner fish eat? The spinner shark feeds primarily on small pelagic teleosts including ten-pounders, sardines, herrings, anchovies, sea catfish, lizardfish, mullet, bluefish, tunas, bonito, croakers, jacks, mojarras, grunts, tongue-soles, stingrays, cuttlefish, squid, and octopi. Read more on Spinner fishing lures have long been a mainstay in anglers’ tackle boxes. Many fishing enthusiasts … Read more

Crankbaits. A Versatile Fishing Lure for Anglers

How do you fish with a crankbait? Definitely. Don't do. So again scribble crank bait fish is shallower medium diving crank bait fish is slower. Let this crank bait fish it deeper. Read more on Many fishermen choose to crankbaits as their preferred fishing lure because of their adaptability and capacity to draw in … Read more