Barbless Spinners. A Guide to Fishing with Ease and Responsibility

Do fish know to avoid hooks? Fishes do have the ability to learn to recognize and avoid hooks and lures (see below), but in many cases, this only occurs where there are high rates of escapement or where fishes are deliberately returned to the water after capture (e.g., angling, recreational fisheries). Read more on … Read more

Fishing Planet. The Mystery of the Unequippable Spoon

What level is fishing unlocked? To unlock fishing, you'll need to progress in the story. Specifically, in Chapter 2, you'll gain access to a mission called A Fisher of Men. Read more on Players can experiment with a variety of fishing methods and gear in the well-known fishing simulation game Fishing Planet. For virtual … Read more

Perks Bait and Tackle. Enhancing Your Fishing Experience

What is in fish bait? Bait items are both selected from and placed within the environment in order to capture prey. Traditionally, fishing bait is natural fish food such as night-crawlers, insects, worms, and smaller bait fish. Fishermen also use lures such as processed food, plastic baits and bionic lures to attract fish. Read more … Read more

Best Rod and Reel for Crankbaits. A Comprehensive Guide

What is the best gear ratio for a crankbait? Low gear ratio reel | 5.1:1 thru 5.4:1 A lower fishing gear ratio reel is ideal for big baits that pull a lot, such as deep crankbaits. These reels have the highest amount of torque, allowing you to put less effort into retrieving the bait and … Read more

Falcon Fishing. The Perfect Combination of Precision and Performance

What is the most durable rod guide? Today, Silicon carbide, referred to as SiC, and titanium carbide are considered the best materials for fishing rod guides. Friction and heat are reduced to a bare minimum with these advanced ceramic ring guides. Less friction translates into longer casts. Read more on Anglers that value accuracy … Read more

Tackle Box Fishing. Everything You Need to Know

What is inside a tackle box? Bring Some Spinners, Hard and Soft Bait It's a good idea to bring something to attract the fish into biting your hook, so keep a portion of your tackle box reserved for bait. You can bring hard bait in the form of lures. Like the hooks, stock a few … Read more