Peacock Bass Lure. A Guide to Catching the Colorful Trophy Fish

What size rod for peacock bass? Reels don't need to hold a lot of backing because peacocks don't make long runs, but a smooth strong drag is still essential. It is recommended that you have a 'heavy' fly rod & reel combination: A stiff/fast-action, 9-foot, nine or ten-weight rod (Sage 990-3RPLX) + Scientific Anglers 'System … Read more

Types of Rods. A Comprehensive Guide

Why use 7018 rods? 7018 Welding Rod Benefits 7018 welding rods can be used in all positions while utilizing both AC and DC power sources. The 7018 welding rod's low-hydrogen iron coating makes it crack-resistant and protects the welding beam from oxygen and moisture, allowing it to perform well in freezing temperatures. Read more on … Read more

River Monsters Muskie. The Elusive Predators of the Waterways

What has Jeremy Wade survived? plane crash Jeremy Wade has spent nearly 40 years travelling to the world's remoter rivers. Since first setting out in 1982 (on an Ariana Afghan DC-10 bound for India) he has been arrested for spying in southeast Asia, caught cerebral malaria in the Congo, and survived a plane crash in … Read more

Stinky Balls Bait. The Secret to Successful Catfishing

Is it OK to put cheese on fish? Mixing fish and dairy can be one of the most creative and delectable combinations especially since it is less common. Since seafood has subtle flavors, deciding what cheese goes with fish should be carefully chosen and avoiding strong-flavored cheese. Read more on Anglers use a variety … Read more