Tilapia Worms. Understanding Parasites in Tilapia

What is the most common disease in tilapia? 1 Streptococcosis. Outbreaks of streptococcosis have been widely reported in farmed tilapia species globally,11-13 described as a septicaemic infection due to the bacterial species of S. iniae or S. agalactiae. Read more on onlinelibrary.wiley.com The globe consumes a lot of tilapia, a popular freshwater fish known for … Read more

Peacock Bass Types. A Guide to the Different Species

What tank mates with peacock bass? Best Tank Mates for Peacock Bass Other Cichlids: Peacock Bass get along well in large cichlid display tanks. … Arowanas: Arowanas grow just as fast as Peacock Bass and have the same predatory instincts. … Stingrays: Also native to South America, Freshwater Stingrays are in some ways the perfect … Read more