Beluga Size. Exploring the Dimensions of the Beluga Whale

What is beluga IQ? Some scientists have tried to train animals to sharpen their senses in order to be able to give them an intelligence quotient (IQ). It has been estimated that the beluga whale has an IQ of 155, however, animals cannot accurately be given an IQ since it refers to their ability to … Read more

Tilapia Worms. Understanding Parasites in Tilapia

What is the most common disease in tilapia? 1 Streptococcosis. Outbreaks of streptococcosis have been widely reported in farmed tilapia species globally,11-13 described as a septicaemic infection due to the bacterial species of S. iniae or S. agalactiae. Read more on The globe consumes a lot of tilapia, a popular freshwater fish known for … Read more

Predator Fishing Boat. A Perfect Choice for Anglers

Why is Prey not named Predator? As for why they went with Prey, director Dan Trachtenberg says in a new interview with THR that he didn't think he could get the film greenlit otherwise. The idea was to pitch the film as a loose spinoff as The Predator was also in development at the time … Read more

Bottom Fishing Setup. A Comprehensive Guide to Success

What are the disadvantages of bottom fishing? For this reason bottom trawling has a large bycatch impact, with many non target species being fished in the process. This has an impact on the biodiversity of the ocean, and also means many species are being fished to the brink simply as a consequence of commercial activities, … Read more

Peacock Bass Lure. A Guide to Catching the Colorful Trophy Fish

What size rod for peacock bass? Reels don't need to hold a lot of backing because peacocks don't make long runs, but a smooth strong drag is still essential. It is recommended that you have a 'heavy' fly rod & reel combination: A stiff/fast-action, 9-foot, nine or ten-weight rod (Sage 990-3RPLX) + Scientific Anglers 'System … Read more

How Big Can a Flathead Catfish Get?

Do flatheads bite? Once you have hooked the Flathead ensure that you do not lift its head from the water otherwise it may shake its head violently and you have a greater chance of being bitten off. Read more on Massive and powerful, flathead catfish (Pylodictis olivaris) are well-known for their attributes. Because they … Read more